November 25, 2021

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Sex game for couples

Try our free sex game for couples and add your own dirty duties. Play with as many players as you like and all your personal sexual preferences.

Use our list of naughty chores and really heat up your romantic evenings. This dirty game for couples will guide you through many chores and provide hot sex play.

Spice up your naughty foreplay with lots of sexy chores. Start this erotic sex game and follow all the naughty challenges! This adult game is derived from the classic “Truth or Dare” but contains only hot chores.

● 2 or more players
This adult game is designed for couples or more players if you want more…. This game is perfect for straight, gay and lesbian players.

● Add your own duties.
Want to add even more extreme sex duties? Then add your own naughty challenges. Moreover, you can even arrange your duties by categories for each erotic situation. If you like to learn different positions of the Kamasutra, just create a category for it!

● Duration of duties
To enjoy the moment with your partner to the fullest, a countdown is available in the premium version. This adds a time limit to the duty and a beep or vibration that signals the end of the challenge once the countdown is over.

● Games without an Internet connection.
Once downloaded, the app can be opened without an internet connection in the naughtiest places you can think of. Have you ever had an erotic fantasy that you haven’t acted out yet?