November 26, 2021

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Yet another sex game for couples

You asked for a sex game?
We have revised Sex Roulette and now a very erotic version of the game is waiting for you!
Let us surprise you. We have taken out our old sex games so that we can offer you these 5 new sex games.

We have been working diligently on the latest update and Roulette finally deserves to be (re)discovered! The carefully crafted and exciting content will ensure the satisfaction of your desires and will not disappoint you.

The app offers 5 games for couples. The content is suitable for everyone: gay, lesbian or straight. Sex games like you’ve never experienced before!

● Sexy scenarios ●

We break the routine with a unique concept. You will play with innovative and personalized tasks, depending on your sexual orientation. You will quickly be gripped by the game: the more the truth or duty game progresses, the more the temperature rises. Will you hold out until the end or will you capitulate to the sex game before the end?

3 game versions are available for free.

  • “Cuddle Wishes: (re)discover hot foreplay with the softest mode.
  • “Devilish desires”: a much wilder mode, only for the brave.
  • “Secret Fantasies”: a special game version to realize your most secret erotic fantasies.

● Kamasutra Roulette ●

You need inspiration in bed? Or you are just curious? Start the roulette and test brand new positions, inspired from the Kamasutra. Standing, lying down, on all fours…. From the easiest position to the most acrobatic, there’s something for everyone in this sex game and enough stimulation for couples to add spice to their love life.

● Sexy & hot dice ●

4 aspects of love dice will help you get in the mood with equally unpredictable and kinky duties and then get down to business in the hot version. In addition to a sexy duty performed on an erogenous body zone, the love dice provide another challenge because they specify a time in which the duty must be done.

● A truth or dare for couples…. Or with more people ●

There are 5 truth or dare game versions. From soft to extreme, or as a version just for couples, rediscover your childhood favorite as a sex game. Play with fire friends, but be careful not to get burned!

● All from enthusiastic app developers ●

At Ultimate Party Apps we value your privacy and do not place targeted ads in the app, as we are against this type of payment. As game experts, be it sex games, drinking games, games among friends, we update our app every month and provide new content and new features.

And now it’s your turn! Discover the hottest app on the market!